xYODE Staking

Stake your $YODE tokens to earn $YODE and additional tokens in our Launchpools

When you deposit your $YODE into staking you receive $xYODE based on the ratio between them. The ratio is displayed on the staking website.

For example, when the ratio was 1:1, you deposited 100 $YODE and received 100 $xYODE. Then after a few days the ratio grew to 1.1 and you withdrew 100 $xYODE, you received back 110 $YODE.

The ratio between $YODE and $xYODE can only grow over time, so you can receive the same amount or even MORE if you stay staked for long enough. The ratio grows daily when rewards are distributed to the contract.

You can deposit $xYODE into our Launchpools to earn additional tokens from our partnered projects.

To receive back you $YODE, you can unstake $xYODE on the staking website. Remember to withdraw from any Launchpools first.

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